It all began with a story...

About Us

One fine morning….

we were pondering over the ways to change the world. Just then, our bellies signaled something – It was time to eat. Being one of the hardcore non-vegetarian foodies, we just started to ponder over how difficult it is to get the right meat. Bang! Qasai was born.

To reach the point of first launch –  from design, team building, information gathering and market survey to product and marketing strategy, it took us exactly one year!

Back then, we were the people sipping chaye at Central Canteen. Today, everything has changed. The only constant in these phases is the Ilaichi wali Chaye of JMI that still power our dreams to change the world (although, our new proctor saheb is a bit afraid of allowing us in for the chaye 😛 )

Today, Qasai is the source of the right raw meat in every corner of South Delhi’s Jamia Nagar.

A thank you note.

We would like to thank you for trusting our services. We are here because you believed in us. We are also very thankful to all our partners, suppliers, our University and our respective departments for their generous support.

Our Team