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Chicken khana hai?

Get our halal quality chicken at your doorstep.


Why Qasai App?

Since our story began, Qasai App has been known for great quality of halal meat products
and for its customer centric approach. We understand that technology is only a way to make life easier and that is why we have focussed on making our app, website and branding simple and understandable. Human Centric Approach to quality and products make us unique.

Doorstep Delivery

When you order from Qasai, we make your doorsteo delivery free of cost within 2 hours of placing your order.

Halal Products

We know that Halal is not only a label, it’s a way of life and its a philosophy. That’s why we sell only Halal products.

Sustainable Quality

Whether it is your first time or your everyday order, rest assured that you’ll always find our product high on quality consistently.

Real feedback from our real customers

A business is made by a good relationship with customers. our customers don’t just come back, they insist that their friends do business with us.

I am very satisfied with Qasai App. I installed it when it just started promotion and have been ordering since then. Sometimes I felt I needed to change my order when I was recieving it, and to my surprise delivery person did it right away with no questions.  


Arshad Saifi


My story with Qasai App has been overly satisfactory. I being a student, live alone - and thus sometimes do not have sufficient time to get meat products when the shops are open. Although Qasai app has same timing, they have always cooperated and delivered whenever I have requested. I am very happy with quality and freshness. 5 Stars!


Shireen Z. Khan


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Free shipping

All orders covered under free shipping

Reaches within 2 Hours

2 Hour Delivery Guarantee

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality Delivered Everytime

Halal Products

Only Halal Products are Sold

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